Jesus Connects with Us


While Hosanna offers a variety of worship styles, at all regular Hosanna worship times Jesus connects with us as we confess our sin and brokenness, receive His grace and forgiveness, listen to Him through Scripture and message and celebrate His gift of salvation at the Lord’s Supper. Jesus also connects with children during an age appropriate message at each worship time.


School Year Worship Schedule

♦ Wednesday:

6:45 pm – Contemporary Worship Service

♦ Saturday:

5:30 pm – Contemporary Worship Service

♦ Sunday:

8:00 am – Traditional Worship Service
9:30 am – Contemporary Worship Service
11:00 am – Contemporary Worship Service


For special worship dates and times,
please click on the Events tab and view the Calendar.

Worship and Music:

Hosanna Lutheran Church offers a variety of musical styles during worship. If you are unsure which worship time and style are best for you, explore them all!

Guitar hands (Custom)♦ The Sunday morning 8:00 worship time features traditional Lutheran hymns and liturgy with piano accompaniment. The Hosanna Choir provides musical selections for this more reflective worship time.

♦ The music for the Saturday evening and Sunday 9:30 and 11:00 worship times are led by Director of Music Cindy Rupp and Hosanna praise band members. The contemporary music and variety of instruments are incorporated into a lively and uplifting worship experience.

♦ The Wednesday night praise band uses contemporary Christian music favorites to create an inspiring and meaningful worship atmosphere. The 6:45 pm time enables those who attend to conclude their day with Him.




Families are encouraged to bring their children to worship. For little ones–birth to three years old–who might be restless, the nursery is available every Sunday morning for the 9:30 and 11:00 services as well as the Wednesday evening service. In addition, there are tot tables situated in the back of the worship center equipped with coloring materials so that parents and children may stay together. For more information about the Nursery, please click on the following link or click Come tab and click Nursery:


Hearing Assistance Devices

If it would be helpful for you or someone you know, hearing assistance devices are available for use during worship. The worship coordinator or a staff person would be happy to provide one for you. You can find the worship coordinator (with name tag) near the table in the gathering area.


Holy Communion (The Lord’s Supper)

HLC054 (Custom)We celebrate Holy Communion at every regular worship service. Holy Communion is our Lord sharing Himself with us. It is for those who:

♦ Believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and have been joined with Him in Holy Baptism.

♦ Regret offending God by their sin and recognize the need for His forgiveness.

♦ Believe that we receive the Body and Blood of Christ in, with and under the bread and wine, and thus are blessed with the gift of the forgiveness of our sins and the gifts that follow forgiveness, namely, life and salvation.

If you are unsure of what communion means for your journey of faith, please contact one of the pastors. To do so, please call 507-388-1766 or send an email to


Grape juice is available for anyone who for medical or other reasons cannot consume wine.