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“Helping people maximize what the Lord has given them to manage”



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If an someone could show you a way to leave more to your family—in a way that will help and not harm them, remember ministry beyond your wildest dreams, AND show you how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes…would you be willing to go through the planning process?

You have that opportunity!

Hosanna has entered into a partnership with Gift Planning Services, LLC of Eau Claire, WI. At NO COST to Hosanna disciples, GPS will guide families of all ages and make up about important life decisions–guardianship, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, wills, etc. There is no sales pitch or legal document preparation on GPS’s part–simply good counsel and options.

Won’t you join us?

The GPS seminars are small group sessions, and Hosanna disciples may choose to meet individually with a counselor on a day after that session.

Your story…

Your challenge…

Your mission…

Your legacy…redefined!


Feel free to look over the Gift Planning Services website: http://www.giftplanningservices.com/. You may also contact Gift Planning Services, LLC at admin@giftplanningservices.com or 866-835-8748. Hosanna staff members may also be able to answer your questions.

Gift Planning Services, LLC
Turning an ordinary estate into an extraordinary legacy for family and ministry.