All activities are canceled, 2/20, due to weather. Wednesday 6:15pm worship will occur as scheduled. (more info)X

Commission 2021




We are gathering input from our disciples

to help shape Hosanna’s future.

Join us as part of Commission 2021.

How? In person, in writing or online.




In Person:  Creative Cafe Events at Hosanna Fellowship Hall (6 – 7:30 pm)

March 15 – Living Christ: Jesus connects with us in worship, prayer, and personal devotions

April 5 – Loving Others: Sharing Jesus in word and action

April 26 – Let’s Go: Joining Jesus in His work

May 17 – Just Be: Reflecting and maturing

A list of the top ten themes that emerged from these sessions are below. Please select the top three themes/ideas that you believe Hosanna should focus our resources (time, talent, treasures) on over the next 3-5 years.

In Writing: Sidewalk Cafe at Hosanna Main & Hosanna Highland

  • Share your thoughts and ideas on the “cafe wall” (boards located in each church building)
  • Share energy and excitement by seeing others ideas and input
  • Sidewalk Cafe open and available for “discussion” within a day of each Creative Cafe


Online: Cyber Cafe

  • Use links above (under Creative Cafe) to access the Cyber  Cafe
    • Share your input online
    • Comment on others’ thoughts and ideas
  • Cyber Cafe open and available for “discussion” within a day of each Creative Cafe

Commission 2021 Schedule:

March – May 2018:  Creative Cafe gatherings, Sidewalk Cafe & Cyber Cafe forums

June 2018:  Disciples vote for top themes developed from the cafe submissions

Summer 2018: Commission members, staff leadership and governance board review themes to form a strategic plan

Fall 2018:  Strategic plans are announced


Goals of this strategic planning process…

are to identify focus areas and targets that help us bring our “why” “how” and “what” to life for at least the next three years (2021). Process to be completed by Fall 2018.



Please contact the Hosanna Office, 507-388-1766 or or  any governance board member.