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Hosanna’s Scrip Program

Hosanna’s Scrip Program



Use gift (scrip cards) for normal purchases while helping Hosanna

apply the savings to the mortgage!

Want to learn more? Read on…


my scrip graphicThe next time you stop at Target, swing by Caribou, or dine at  Panera Bread, why not support Hosanna’s mission, “connecting people to Jesus,” at the same time?


Hosanna’s Scrip Program…

If you enroll in Hosanna’s scrip program, you can use gift cards to pay for things you normally buy. For example, you can purchase a $50 gift card to Kwik Trip for $50 (face value) and use it rather than cash or credit. When you use a gift card through the scrip program, a percentage (2.5% – 17%) of the card value is donated to Hosanna….and you didn’t spend anything more than you normally do! Currently you can purchase gift cards from 60 different retailers in the area.


How is the money used?

Currently we are earning more than $3,000 per month with about 75 families participating! The proceeds are being used to chip away at our building fund debt. (Regular budgeted payments are also made each month.) As stewards of God’s money, buildings, and resources, we want to minimize our debt as much as possible, freeing us to live Christ, love others in any way God asks of us.


How do I get started?

Dozens of retailers’ and restaurants’, including Kwik Trip, Cub Foods, Hy-Vee, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Wow! Zone, and Scheels, cards are in stock and available at Hosanna all the time. (See link below for list of on-hand scrip cards.) Denominations vary, but most cards come in $25, $50, and $100 amounts. You may purchase them in the church office during office hours or at the counter in the gathering area before and after worship.

If you want to purchase other or additional cards, here are two ways to do it…

  1. Fill out a scrip order form, available in the gathering area or in the office at Hosanna. The gift cards will be ordered and available for pick up the following week. (A list of participating retailers is provided below.)
  2. Create your own (free) online account at (see below) and click on the green ‘Family Sign-up’ button. You will need to enter Hosanna’s enrollment code: 4D6CC28437L5L on the last screen. Again, the cards will delivered to Hosanna for pick up the next week.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: If you prefer to purchase items from a retailer who doesn’t or cannot participate in the scrip program, please do so!  We value the many area businesses!


List of participating retailers online:

Scrip Stores through scrip center 7-17


List of participating retailers available at our scrip counter:

Scrip Stores On Hand 7-17